Wackie Lassie canoe

Wackie Lassie plans

LOA: 11.5 ft. LWL: 10.5 ft. Beam: 24″ (chine), 30″(gunwale) 11 inch straight panel sides, 73 degree constant flare

This canoe is designed to be quickly built by kids using modified Bolger/Payson “tack & tape” construction methods, with techniques that minimize the use of hazardous materials and maximize suitable children’s skills. Kids love these boats, and they learn to control double paddles much more quickly than a single canoe paddle. She’s roughly dimensioned after the Rushton Wee Lassie of 10.5 feet. However, the Rushton Wee Lassie has a plumb stem – this boat preserves the Wee Lassie dimensions along the waterline of her rockered flat bottom, but her bow and stern overhangs extend the LOA out to 11.5 feet.

The name is derived from the brightly colored wacky noodles (the foam children’s swimming toy, which I believe should be an essential component of any boatbuilding shop!) which are glued to the gunwales and provide flotation. The plan is to build a couple more with a group of kids a few weeks from now.

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