Too Tender behind drawing

Too Tender Behind

“TTB” is a small lightweight boat that could be easily towed behind, have a low enough profile to fit on the cabin top as well as carry two adults rowing about the harbor.  Additionally “TTB” had to be capable of carrying a sailing rig as well as a small (approximately 3hp) outboard.

Too Tender Behind is a stitch & glue double chine dinghy. The basic dimensions are:


LOA 90.8 inches
DWL 83.94 inches at 250# displacement
Beam 45.20 inches
Design Displacement 500# max at 8.0 inches draft
Draft 5.20 inches at 250# displacement
Sail Area 38.8 Square feet

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If you are interested in sharing your pics of the building process or finished product on this website you can upload them here

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