Iris dinghy

Cata, the owner of the Tales of Three boats website, reached out to me with his design The Iris Dinghy. And I must say, it’s a pretty good build.


Iris is designed to carry one adult and one child under sail and 3 to 4 lightly built adults when rowing. Her frame is wrapped around lightly built constitutions in fact, as ancient kayaking knowledge was used to dimension her (why creating a bulky boat with a lot of space needing a lot of materials when we’re small and can fit in a smaller boat with room to spare even). She superficially resembles the Argie 10 and the Walker Bay 10, but there is no connection between the projects. Iris was made to be Daddy’s boat and to teach sailing to the kids: a nicer-looking Optimist or a Mirror on steroids.

She can be built from cheap materials more or less by anyone.


Cata is at the moment in the process of designing and building a day cruiser. After being tested maybe the plans will also be made available. I’m curious about that one. So stay tuned!


Go to the free boat plans »


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