Ensigns Skiff

The Ensign’s Gig is made from two sheets of plywood.  The sides are 1/4″ and the bottom 3/8″.  Suggested is to probably go for 1/4″ on the bottom too to lighten her up a bit.

The sail is a sprit rig made from closet pole stock spars and white poly-tarp sail, sewn to give it some shape forward, and permanently mounted to the mast. That makes it simple, but there’s no way to lower sail underway.  The only way to reef is to remove the sprit pole and let the top flop down.

For a builder with a limited budget and space and no boat trailer, a two-sheet skiff like The Ensign’s Gig is a great boat. It can easily be carried on top of your car to go wherever you want.

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