Puddle Duck Racer

The PDRacer is a developmental one-design racing sailboat that is basically a plywood box with a curved bottom and is the easiest boat in the world to build. The rules are aimed at keeping the lower 10″ of all hulls the same but the rest is up to the builder.

A simple hull can be made from 3 sheets of plywood, Titebond II glue, and latex house paint. If you work hard for 2 weekends you can go sailing on the 3rd weekend. If you are really in a hurry it is possible to go from lumber to the lake in 5 days.

PD Racer specifications:

LOA: Average boat built to 8′ long, length depends on side height (see class rules)
LWL: 7’6″
Beam: Minimum of 4′
Hull Height: Suggested size is 16″ or 18″, minimum of 10″ required
Sail Area: 50 to 80 sqft commonly used
Weight: Usually around 120 lbs, depending on the construction


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