One Sheet Sampan

Simplicity is not achieved by adding simplifications, but by removing complications.

A sampan boat is typical to South East Asian countries, where many seemingly different boat types in several countries appear under the same common name.

“Sampan” literally means “three planks”. This explains the many boat types called by the same name. Boats, that at least originally were made of just three planks.

The “One sheet Sampan” presented here follows the ideas of a cargo sampan from the canals of Vietnam. She measures 7’4″ x 3’3″, so she is wide enough to scull, and she exhibits the interesting concave side sections typical to many sampan types. The concavity of the bottom edges also helps a lot in placing the boat parts on the plywood, as you can see in the drawings. The convex bottom edges of side pieces match the concave edges of the bottom piece.

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