Max Capacity Jonboat

Jonboat drawing

According to the designer Steven Lewis the Max Capacity Jonboat is the most boat he could get out of one sheet of plywood.

The sides and transoms are of 1x lumber, with the whole sheet of plywood for the bottom. The bottom is stitched and the rest is glue and screw. The waterline is at a displacement of about 935 lbs.

Short and stubby, it can carry a serious load of cargo, but wouldn’t row very well. It really should be used with a motor.

Note*….The offsets for the side panel should be plotted on some cardboard or paper and then used as a template. The program that Steven used to develop the boat does some peculiar things to this kind of shaped boat: it tilts the side panel as it develops it. The bottom rear of the boat is lifted by over 5 inches.

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