Fishing Punt

This Fishing Punt is a 15’8″ work/fishing boat, that can be sculled but also driven with a small outboard up to some 4-5 hp. The front and rear seats are kept some distance from the ends, in order to be able to sit on the bench and angle directly ahead or astern without sitting corkscrewed.

If you run a flat bottomed punt with an engine it makes sense to add some kind of a keel to the bottom, otherwise, the boat will slide sideways when trying to turn. And it may flip if the forward running chine “bites” water when sliding sideways.

The keel can be made of some two by two. Also, if you need to pull the punt around along the ground, you would probably like to add runners of some 1″ by 1 1/2″ close to the chines.

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