Drifter 14

Drifter 14

The Drifter 14 trimaran is a bigger version of the Drifter 12 and Drifter 12L. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble, and can be car topped, or carried on a small trailer. It is very stable and easy to sail, tacks well, and is quite fast. Great for kids, or anyone to learn how to sail.

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If you are interested in sharing your pics of the building process or finished product on this website you can upload them here

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  1. Hi
    Since where I live there is no protected areas such as lake or bay, I am wondering if this type of trimaran is good for an open sea?

    1. I would not recommend the use of this trimaran on open sea. I’ll look around if I can find plans that will accomodate your wishes.

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