Dinghy plans

A dinghy is a type of small boat, often carried or towed by a larger vessel for use as a tender. Utility dinghies are usually rowboats or have an outboard motor. Some are rigged for sailing but they differ from sailing dinghies, which are designed first and foremost for sailing. A dinghy’s main use is for transfers from larger boats, especially when the larger boat cannot dock at a suitably-sized port or marina.

Scow Moth

Plans for a Scow Moth Introduction The Scow Moth is a wooden

Tanto sailing dinghy


Tanto is a 12ft 11in plywood sailing dinghy. A 4ft 3in daggerboard

Sailing a klinker plywood dinghy


TiKnot is a beautiful 8ft 4in sailing dinghy. This design is built

Small dinghy

Dinky dink

Dinky Dink is a small 6.5ft x 3.5ft dinghy that can be

Scow sailing

The Scow

An easy-to-build dinghy with multiple uses. The scow was designed both to

Skippy sailing dinghy


Skippy is a 12′ 5″ by 3′ 5″ dinghy that can be

Skin of frame dinghy


Robin is a small skin-on-frame pram design with a twist; a solid



This is Fritz. Fritz is an easy to built small 8ft dinghy

Decked sailboat


Mii is a beautiful decked sailboat designed by Nils Björkman. The Mii

Blackfly lapstrake plywood dinghy


The Blackfly is a 14 ft by 4 ft lapstrake plywood dinghy

15 ft sailboat

15 ft Sailboat

A fast, easy to plane two-person sailing dinghy for the experienced and

12 ft sailing dinghy

12.5 ft Dinghy

A sailing dinghy designed for a father/mother and son/daughter crew. But it

Sailing Dinghy

Twin Dinghies

Another beautiful design by Radosław Werszko . Actually, there is one design

Alien III design

Alien III

With two 8×4 sheets, the boat could be 10-11 ft long at

Blondie pram


Blondie, an 8’4″ x 4’3″ dinghy, is sized to hold an adult

Biloxi Dinghy

Biloxi Dinghy

These plans are for a small sailboat called the Biloxi Dinghy. Former

Little Breton

Little Breton

This is a length – 7ft 9in.  beam – 4ft lapstrake epoxy-plywood



A strange name for this design for two little plywood 10’class sailboats


Dinghy ’57

The frame drawings of this dinghy were found in a book published

Mini Ekstock

Mini Ekstock

The “Mini Ekstock” measures 7’6″ x 4′ and can be built with

Dinghbat drawing


DinghBat is an 8 foot heavy displacement Pram dinghy designed for use

Apple Pie dinghy

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a 7′ x 3’6″ yacht tender. It can be



The Optimist is a small sailing dinghy that is used for competitions

D5 dinghy

D5 dinghy

The successor of the D4 dinghy. This is a well-known design for


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