Dinghbat drawing


DinghBat is an 8 foot heavy displacement Pram dinghy designed for use as a tender or small pleasure craft. It has a dart cut into the front of the bottom panel and has a vee in the front, blending into a flat bottom aft. The bottom panels can also be done in 2 pieces.  The 2 water lines are at 300 and 500lbs displacement.

With a boat weight in the 50lb range, this leaves a lot of carrying capacity. The boat could also be set up for sail. For rowing, I would recommend a skeg be attached to the bottom. Using a beefy rear transom, you could use a small motor also.

The method used is stitch & glue. For information about epoxy you can read the Threesystems epoxy book.

Go to the free boat plans»

If you are interested in sharing your pics of the building process or finished product on this website you can upload them here

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