D5 dinghy

D5 dinghy

The successor of the D4 dinghy. This is a well-known design for a simple but very practical dinghy. It is based on a pram built some years ago in the Caribbean and that gave many years of reliable service.

The length is 7’10” / 2.4m and with a beam of 3’9″/ 1.15m, it is very stable.

The requirements were typical of a dinghy for a long-range cruising boat: must fit on the deck, be easy to launch and retrieve, stable, must row well in a chop, have a capacity of 2 or 3 persons. It will also take a small outboard and a sail. A sort of all-in-one design for work and fun.

Go to the free boat plans (pdf) »

If you are interested in sharing your pics of the building process or finished product on this website you can upload them here

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