CubCanu & ScoutCanu


Here are the plans for the  8′ CubCanu and its bigger brother, the 12′ ScoutCanu. So two free boat plans on one page!

ScoutCanu is built using the same methods and measurements as CubCanu, except for the length of the boat. The curves will be gentler and some additional framing may be needed, but it should be as easy to build as a CubCanu.

As CubCanu needs 2 sheets of ply to do properly, with a lot of excess, ScoutCanu can be built out of most of the same supplies, with a lot less excess. You will need a 14’ piece of 1×10 to cut the chine logs, rails, and bottom rub strip out of, or a 14’ 1×6 for the rails and rub strip, if using S&G. You may be able to get by using some 1x2x8’ furring strips, by scarfing them together. Gluing the furring strips to the sides and themselves before assembling the boat may allow butted strips to bend into a smooth curve when the panels are bent.

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