Cinderella canoe

Cinderella is a 12ft by 30in flat-bottomed, round-sided, elegant but easy to build canoe intended for stitch and glue construction using 3/8in marine ply epoxy and tape on the inside and either epoxy and tape or glass cloth on the outside designed by Gavin Atkin. A well-known name in the boatbuilding community. He also wrote a book called “Ultrasimple Boatbuilding” with 17 free plans that is worth buying.

Although this boat is to be built by the stitch and tape method – that is, stitched, then taped on the outside using duct tape, then epoxy taped on the inside, then epoxy taped or glass clothed on the outside – it is intended that most of the boat will not require stitching but will be held together during epoxying using the duct tape along.

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