Cheap canoe

The Cheap Canoe is made of plywood panels, cut flat on the floor from the dimensions given on the plans. The shape of the panels is very simple and easy to transfer to the plywood.

Construction is plywood-epoxy (stitch and glue) made from two sheets of 6mm (1/4″) plywood

LOA: 13′ 5″ Beam: 30″ (4,05 m x 75 cm)

Butt blocks are used to make long panels from standard sheets of plywood. The side panels are folded around the bottom panel and a batten, held in place with duct tape. Fiberglass seams are built inside. The assembly is then flipped over and fiberglass tape is used to cover all the outside edges.

Finish by installing a simple seat reinforcement in the middle, two small breast hooks, and a rub rail made from a plain wooden strip. Epoxy coat and paint the complete assembly.

Go to the free boat plans (pdf) »

Here’s a fine example of a finished Cheap Canoe»

Cheap Canoe

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