EZ Canoe

Nested EZ canoe

EZ CANOE is an 11 ft canoe-like boat that paddles easily and nests to only 4′ x 27″ x 16″ high. EZ canoe fits in most cars. The EZ canoe is a three-piece boat that can be nested for easy transport. The designer, Ken Simpson, came up with the idea when he saw many people […]



This is a sailing canoe made with the free tool FREE!ship that you can download here. The designer gives you offsets you can enter into the software. This way you can make it completely to your needs. The length of this canoe is 16 ft with a 2.5 ft beam. The designer offers help with […]



With this description and measurements, it is not that difficult to build yourself a nice pirogue. When you add Uncle John’s Cajun Pirogue plans then it should not be a problem at all! Take a look at Uncle John’s site for some other nice plans. Go to the free description and measurements»

Twin Dinghies

Sailing Dinghy

Another beautiful design by Radosław Werszko . Actually, there is one design but plans for two dinghies. An 11.5 ft and a 12 ft dinghy. F Both plans are for the more experienced builder. Go to the free boat plans»

Alien III

Alien III design

With two 8×4 sheets of plywood, this dinghy could be 10-11 ft long at the price of some scarfing. The width could be a bit more than 4 ft which is good, not too wide, not too slim A two chines configuration with a flat bottom and a forward transom lead to less curved panel […]

Biloxi Dinghy

Biloxi Dinghy

These plans are for a small sailboat called the Biloxi Dinghy. Former builders claim it’s a great design. This design is just what prospective builders of small sailboats have been looking for, as you will see from a glance at the facsimiles, which reproduce excerpts from letters written by enthusiastic owners. And, the Biloxi Dinghy […]

10.5 ft Pointy Skiff

Pointy Skiff

Designed as a fishing boat but she serves the pleasure-seeking boater as well. Two sheets of 1/4″ and one sheet of 3/8 inch plywood is what it takes to build this fine skiff. You can row this skiff with ease and she can be powered by a small 3 hp outboard motor. Go to the […]



Blackberry is an 11′ 3″ x 4′ Dory skiff designed for taped seam construction. Designed after Jim Michalak’s Sportdory. Sportdory is a wonderful rowing boat, but it is a little too long and heavy to be cartopped easily. It is also a little too tiddly for fishing to be relaxing. This is a pretty straightforward […]

Some pontoon boat ideas

Pontoon boat

A collection of homemade pontoon boats. Not actually plans but enough information to build your own pontoon boat. Let your creativity flow and build yourself a pontoon boat! Go to the plans» Pontoon 1 Pontoon 2 Pontoon 3 Pontoon 4    



A strange name for this design for two little plywood 10’class sailboats that you can build as a beginner. The site is in Italian but I’m sure, with a little help from a friend, you’ll understand just fine. The plans can be downloaded in GIF and WORD format. Go to the free boat plans»