Scow Moth

Plans for a Scow Moth Introduction The Scow Moth is a wooden dinghy that builds from a kit of parts. The plans for this boat are available from Brian Porter, and they’re an outstanding example of engineering and shipwrighting skill. The drawing set provides lines of the planing hull, cross sections, and a table and […]

14 ft sailing skiff

14 ft sailing skiff

This beautiful lined 14 ft skiff can be built using the lapstrake planking technique. Lapstrake planking is the classic technique of pre-finishing the ribs, which are fixed to a “building frame” and then wrapping the resulting hull in plywood and the whole with fiberglass. The ship is lying on its back. It is particularly important […]

Duck Skiff

Duck hunting is a beloved pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts, and a duck skiff is an essential tool for any serious duck hunter. A duck skiff is a small, flat-bottomed boat that is specifically designed for navigating the shallow waters of marshes and swamps where ducks and other waterfowl are commonly found. In this blog […]

Solo and duo canoes

Free plywood canoe plans

Here are plans for a solo (11′ 9″) and a duo (15′ 1″) canoe. They weigh 44 and 66 lbs so they can easily be cartopped. Two for the price of one, you could say. Only these plans are for free. 🙂 Go to the free boat plans»      

14′ 5″ pirogue

Free pirogue plans

The 14′ 5″ sailing pirogue, which also can be rowed or powered with a small outboard, is a simple to build project suitable for a first build. With a beam of 3′ 7″,  it isn’t a very stable boat so you will be limited to calm waters. Go to the free boat plans»

The Scow

Scow sailing

An easy-to-build dinghy with multiple uses. The scow was designed both to be easy to build and to suit the extensive shallow water. It also was designed to enable it to be rowed, motored, or sailed. So it has a flat (transversely) bottom with several rubbing strakes, leeboards (which allow it to ‘bottom bump’), and […]


The PakYak is a 12′ plywood and aluminum frame, nylon canvas skin, kayak. It can be folded into a backpack for easy transport and hiking and she weighs only 22 lbs. The unique thing about the PakYak is that the frame really folds, instead of coming apart in a lot of pieces. Go to the […]


Decked sailboat

Mii is a beautiful decked sailboat designed by Nils Björkman. The Mii dinghy is intended for a crew of up to 220 lbs. or one or two people. It is just as good to sail alone as two together. Some facts: Length 11’9″, Width 4’7″, Hull weight 108 lb, Total weight 143 lb 4 oz, […]

Three simple modular boats

Three boat designs

Plans for three simple modular boats that can be nested and easily sored and transported. The nested length is less than 5 feet. The designer includes plans for the 8 ft Guppy, the 8 ft Tadpole, and the 8 ft 6 in Tripod. Each is different but each is built the same way. All use […]

EZ Canoe

Nested EZ canoe

EZ CANOE is an 11 ft canoe-like boat that paddles easily and nests to only 4′ x 27″ x 16″ high. EZ canoe fits in most cars. The EZ canoe is a three-piece boat that can be nested for easy transport. The designer, Ken Simpson, came up with the idea when he saw many people […]