CABBS Mini Skiff

Mini Skiff

This Mini-Skiff is a ‘screw and glue’ design using a common construction adhesive rather than epoxy and therefore safer for children to build. Its simple graceful lines are a delight to build and to be seen on the water. The boat will provide lots of fun but should only be used under adult supervision. A […]

12′ Skiff

12' Skiff

This skiff follows the lines and building methods initially set up in the plans and building instructions for the Portuguese Style Dinghy and later in the 10 1/2 ft Skiff. The design and building method are basically the same. The boat sides are cut with straight cut edges, no lofting is needed. The sides are bent around three […]

The Ensign’s Gig

Ensigns Skiff

The Ensign’s Gig is made from two sheets of plywood.  The sides are 1/4″ and the bottom 3/8″.  Suggested is to probably go for 1/4″ on the bottom too to lighten her up a bit. The sail is a sprit rig made from closet pole stock spars and white poly-tarp sail, sewn to give it […]

Electric Shock

Electric Shock Skiff

Electric Shock is a 13′ 6″ by 5′ 8″ skiff re-drawn for modern plywood and epoxy resin construction using Hulls (free) and TurboCAD (paid, free trial) software. If you wish to build this simple and rather traditional flattie, the designer states that it is essential to make a model before you start. Both the model […]

Herring Skiff

Herring skiff

The Herring Skiff was designed by Ira Einsteen and is a good-looking dory-style skiff. The free plans disappeared from the www but luckily someone made them available again to share and build. Ira Einsteen calls it a dory-skiff himself, and it is very much like a dory in appearance in large part due to the […]

Daydream 15 ft sharpie

Daydreaam sharpie layout

A.k.a. “Least Cuts Boat”. This is a 15 ft Sharpie Skiff made with all straight saw cuts with 4 sheets of plywood. With a little bit of effort and the use of some simplified build techniques, Daydream can be built within 24 hours. Daydream is a step up from the Summerbreeze design as it is […]

Herb McLeod’s One sheet skiff

One sheet skiff

A.k.a. OSS. The boat measures just under 8 feet from bow to stern. It is constructed from 1/4 pine plywood, and 1″ x 2″ pine strips for the frame, gunwales, and chines. The seat which requires a small amount of additional ply is attached to the boat. The original Herb McLeod website now can only […]

Summerbreeze skiff

Summerbreeze skiff

The Summerbreeze is an 11’8″ long 50″ beam 16″ sides, high capacity skiff reminiscent of the turn of the century flatiron skiffs. No lofting is required and all saw cuts are straight. The “bump” where the sides rise to the transom is smoothed out with plane, rasp or sander. The chine log, PL premium, and […]

A 10 1/2 ft Skiff


This free boat plan is a very nice but simple 10’6″ x 3’10” skiff, made out of two sheets of 1/4″ plywood. This skiff can be built with “modern” looks, with a slanting bow, like the drawing with blue sides above. Or “traditional”, more sharpie-like looks, with a plumb bow, like the drawing with red […]