14 ft sailing skiff

14 ft sailing skiff

This beautiful lined 14 ft skiff can be built using the lapstrake planking technique. Lapstrake planking is the classic technique of pre-finishing the ribs, which are fixed to a “building frame” and then wrapping the resulting hull in plywood and the whole with fiberglass. The ship is lying on its back. It is particularly important […]

Happy Clam

Happy Clam skiff

Happy Clam is a 17′ x 5′ 6″ Seabright skiff. Among the inherent advantages of this hull form are its shallow draft, great stability, and low center of gravity. Full protection for the propeller is provided by the box keel. Flow of unbroken water to the propeller is made possible by tapering the keel to […]

Duck Skiff

Duck hunting is a beloved pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts, and a duck skiff is an essential tool for any serious duck hunter. A duck skiff is a small, flat-bottomed boat that is specifically designed for navigating the shallow waters of marshes and swamps where ducks and other waterfowl are commonly found. In this blog […]

Four fishing boats

Fishing boat drawings

Plans for a 17′, a 20′ 8″, a 24′ 3″ and a 27′ 10″ fishing boat. All can be powered by an outboard up to 10 hp. The two biggest ones can also be powered with an inboard engine. Very detailed plans with comprehensive material specifications and lists, and detailed instructions for construction, both planked […]


Pirate cabin sharpie

Pirate is a 17 ft shoal draft cabin sharpie skiff. It is a nice weekend cruiser and you can easily go on a vacation with two persons. Because of the V hull, it is smooth sailin’ with this one. The rig is a gaff head that has enough surface to give this boat some speed. […]

9 ft Sharpie

9 ft sharpie

Plans for a 9 ft sharpie that is easy to build and can be rowed and powered with a small outboard. You can also fit it out with a sailing rig. The main object was to make it as simple and the drawings as complete as possible so that anyone who might want to build […]

Julie Skiff

Julie skiff

This is a 15ft 6in length overall by 4ft beam skiff, designed for stitch and glue construction using 4-6mm 4ft by 8ft plywood. The Julie skiff as laid out in these plans is a lightweight stitch and glue flattie skiff. She can be rowed or powered with a small outboard. It’s designed easy to build and […]

10.5 ft Pointy Skiff

Pointy Skiff

Designed as a fishing boat but she serves the pleasure-seeking boater as well. Two sheets of 1/4″ and one sheet of 3/8 inch plywood is what it takes to build this fine skiff. You can row this skiff with ease and she can be powered by a small 3 hp outboard motor. Go to the […]



Blackberry is an 11′ 3″ x 4′ Dory skiff designed for taped seam construction. Designed after Jim Michalak’s Sportdory. Sportdory is a wonderful rowing boat, but it is a little too long and heavy to be cartopped easily. It is also a little too tiddly for fishing to be relaxing. This is a pretty straightforward […]

Mini Sharpie

Mini Sharpie

A 7′ 8″ one sheet skiff design. It can be sailed or you can use it as a rowboat. Either way you’ll have fun. It is glued together with PL Premium & Masonry  fillets with a modified “tack and tape” system. The hull weighs between 25 & 30 lbs if made of luan ply. You can […]