Folding Mast & Boom

Folding mast & boom

For a small boat like the Sailing Pram, Blondie, and perhaps even the Mini Sharpie it is very useful to have a mast and boom that’s equally small and easy to transport. These folding mast and boom are exactly that. Go to the free plans»

Dacron sail

Here are plans and instructions to sew your own dacron sail. Most of the time when a sailboat is drawn, its sailplan is included with the drawings. A sailplan is a 2-dimensional representation of the sail, which defines its rig type, size, shape, and area in general terms. The sailplan does not provide enough detail to […]

Hot Rat

Hot Rat sailboat

The Hot Rat is a narrow 12ft scow sailboat with a flat bottom, and largeish leg-of-mutton polytarp spritsail, and a long flat run that should have it planing in a moment. The design has a strong resemblance to the Mouse boat.  It swallows up just three sheets of quarter-inch ply and is built with internal […]


Blondie pram

Blondie, an 8’4″ x 4’3″ dinghy, is sized to hold an adult and a child comfortably and safely, and still offer enough sail carrying ability for a child to handle alone (with adult supervision). She has enough reserve buoyancy to sail two adults or row three. The interior of the hull reflects the builder’s preference […]

Polytarp sail

Polytarp sail

This instructable describes the construction of a simple sail from cheap material. The sail shown here is a “crab claw” or Oceanic lateen. The techniques shown here come partly from Gary Dierking’s book “Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes“. Go to the free sailing rig plans»