Skippy sailing dinghy

Skippy is a 12′ 5″ by 3′ 5″ dinghy that can be rowed and sailed. The construction is simple and suitable for beginners. The plans are easy to follow with detailed information on how to build a small plywood sailing dinghy yourself. You can use the folding mast & boom with a polytarp sail. Go […]

Kavalier 800

Kavalier 800

Kavalier 800 is another design by Albert Nazarov & Maxim Kovalyov from Thailand-based Albatross Marine design. They are also the designers of the smaller Pilgrim 590. Kavalier 800 is a 26 ft 3 in cabin sailor for the advanced builder. Go to the free boat plans (zip file)»

Pilgrim 590

Pilgrim 590

Pilgrim is a 19ft 4in cabin sailor designed by Albert Nazarov. He is a designer and founder of Albatross Marine design in Thailand. The designs they make are for professional boatbuilders. Although Albert Nazarov and his colleague Maxim Kovalyov made in the end 1990’s some designs that are freely available on the internet. One of […]


Coastal cruiser Egoist

Egoist is a multichine plywood coastal cruiser, meant to be built in 8 mm + glass fiber + epoxy. This 18 ft long and 7 ft 10 in wide sailboat was thought, calculated, and conceived for easy coastal sailing. Her name suggests being single-handed and she’s comfortable for two. To receive these plans you have […]

Junior dinghy

Junior dinghy

Junior is an easy row dinghy that can also be powered by a small outboard and even can be sailed. You could use the folding mast & boom to realize this. Because of the lightweight construction, you can transport her on top of your car to go fishing anywhere you want. Junior is an easy-to-build, […]

15′ 3″ Sailboat

Cabin sailor

This is Slipper, a 15’3″ V hull cabin sailor. I like this design with the deep cockpit and aft cabin. The hull sides are just two pieces of 4 X 8 plywood ripped to 3’ wide, then butt joined. I could not find any pictures of the finished build, so maybe you’ll be the first […]

Scow cruiser

Scow cruiser

This 420 Scow Cruiser is a 14-foot simple camper sailboat for two, designed for protected or inland waters. A very simple boat to build with basic tools and material, all plywood parts have the same thickness. There are imperial and metric plans available. Go to the free boat plans»

Longtail fishingboat

Plywood longtail

These plans are a cross between Doris the dory and Thai fishing boats. The result is a 19ft 8in by 3ft 3in plywood boat that is able to oar, sail, and be powered by a small electric outboard. The boat has as little draft as possible to be able to move in less than 10 […]

19 ft 8 inch Sharpie

Sharpie sailboat

Here are drawings of a 19’8″ by 4’8″ Sharpie sailboat. It’s an old racing design but is still used today. Due to the excellent sailing characteristics, fleets were created in a short time in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and England. Most Sharpies were built in the pre-war years. The current Sharpies largely stem from those years […]


Decked sailboat

Mii is a beautiful decked sailboat designed by Nils Björkman. The Mii dinghy is intended for a crew of up to 220 lbs. or one or two people. It is just as good to sail alone as two together. Some facts: Length 11’9″, Width 4’7″, Hull weight 108 lb, Total weight 143 lb 4 oz, […]