Skippy sailing dinghy

Skippy is a 12′ 5″ by 3′ 5″ dinghy that can be rowed and sailed. The construction is simple and suitable for beginners. The plans are easy to follow with detailed information on how to build a small plywood sailing dinghy yourself. You can use the folding mast & boom with a polytarp sail. Go […]

Junior dinghy

Junior dinghy

Junior is an easy row dinghy that can also be powered by a small outboard and even can be sailed. You could use the folding mast & boom to realize this. Because of the lightweight construction, you can transport her on top of your car to go fishing anywhere you want. Junior is an easy-to-build, […]


Skin of frame dinghy

Robin is a small skin-on-frame pram design with a twist; a solid plywood floor. She is a good boat for rowing and a very small outboard might work if the transom is reinforced. All in all a nicely lined lightweight dinghy to have around. Go to the free boat plans»

Micro Mouse

Micro Mouse

The Mouse is a small boat that you can slap together in about 12 – 24 hours. The Micro Mouse is an even smaller boat that is lightweight, easy to build, and a simple fun boat for kids. Go to the free boat plans»


Glider rowing catamaran

Glider is a 12-foot plywood catamaran just for rowing. It has a sliding seat and some nice long oars and lightweight construction. She is built with 1/8-inch luan plywood with stringers and frames, and 1/4-inch luan plywood for the bottom and the seat. It is a very stable and fun build and can be used […]

Longtail fishingboat

Plywood longtail

These plans are a cross between Doris the dory and Thai fishing boats. The result is a 19ft 8in by 3ft 3in plywood boat that is able to oar, sail, and be powered by a small electric outboard. The boat has as little draft as possible to be able to move in less than 10 […]



The Mouse is a 1 and a half sheet plywood boat for rowing and can be built by the stitch & glue method. There is also is a slightly different version which you can sail, called the Hot Rat. The mouse is small and a quick (12 – 24 hour) build. Go to the free […]



Doris is a 16 ft plywood dory with built-in buoyancy and a slightly wider waterline beam and removable under-thwart sand or gravel ballast in bin-liner style bags. The waterline and ballast combine to make the boat a little steadier on the water, which many people will appreciate. Existing Light Dories are more than capable of […]

Three simple modular boats

Three boat designs

Plans for three simple modular boats that can be nested and easily sored and transported. The nested length is less than 5 feet. The designer includes plans for the 8 ft Guppy, the 8 ft Tadpole, and the 8 ft 6 in Tripod. Each is different but each is built the same way. All use […]


Blackfly lapstrake plywood dinghy

The Blackfly is a 14 ft by 4 ft lapstrake plywood dinghy that can be sailed and rowed. The Blackfly was designed by Bruce Taylor using the free software Hull Designer. Blackfly is an open sailboat that is light enough to portage and cartop, and capable of carrying as much cargo as an ordinary tandem […]