Eek A Mouse

Eek A Mouse boat plans

When I hear the name Eek A Mouse I usually think of this guy. But, in this case, Eek A Mouse is the successor of the Flying Mouse. The 53sqft sail will be a lot more effective than the one on the Flying Mouse. You can also check out the Mouse, the Micro Mouse, and […]

Flying Mouse

Flying mouse sailboat

The flying mouse is a design that should be an easy and quick build. The designer has the following to say about it: Flying Mouse is an exercise to develop just about the smallest, cheapest possible sailing boat I can conceive. As a result, it’s not a boat to which you can safely trust your […]

The Scow

Scow sailing

An easy-to-build dinghy with multiple uses. The scow was designed both to be easy to build and to suit the extensive shallow water. It also was designed to enable it to be rowed, motored, or sailed. So it has a flat (transversely) bottom with several rubbing strakes, leeboards (which allow it to ‘bottom bump’), and […]

Micro Mouse

Micro Mouse

The Mouse is a small boat that you can slap together in about 12 – 24 hours. The Micro Mouse is an even smaller boat that is lightweight, easy to build, and a simple fun boat for kids. Go to the free boat plans»

Scow cruiser

Scow cruiser

This 420 Scow Cruiser is a 14-foot simple camper sailboat for two, designed for protected or inland waters. A very simple boat to build with basic tools and material, all plywood parts have the same thickness. There are imperial and metric plans available. Go to the free boat plans»

Hot Rat

Hot Rat sailboat

The Hot Rat is a narrow 12ft scow sailboat with a flat bottom, and largeish leg-of-mutton polytarp spritsail, and a long flat run that should have it planing in a moment. The design has a strong resemblance to the Mouse boat.  It swallows up just three sheets of quarter-inch ply and is built with internal […]

14′ Rowing Punt

Rowing Punt drawing

This is a flat bottomed 14 ft rowing punt designed in line with the ideas from prams in the old days. The designer visited a maritime museum. Outside the museum was an old fishing boat. With this boat in mind, he designed this rowing punt. Go to the free boat plans»

Mini Ekstock

Mini Ekstock

The “Mini Ekstock” measures 7’6″ x 4′ and can be built with one and a half sheets of plywood. It’s a dinghy size version of a Chapman punt. She displaces about 1250 lbs just before flooding. At 250 lbs displacement, that is, one person, the freeboard is 10″. The freeboard is 6″ at 580 lbs […]

Mini Auray Punt

Mini Auray

As you might have guessed this is the slightly bigger version of the Micro Auray Punt. The “Mini Auray” measures 7’6″ x 4′ and fulfill the “minimum boat requirements” presented in the “Portugese Style Dinghy” plans. She displaces about 1200 lbs just before flooding. At 250 lbs displacement, that is, one person, her freeboard is […]

Micro Auray Punt

Micro Auray Punt

The “Micro Auray” measures 7’2″ x 3’3″ and can be built using the split side technique. She displaces about 780 lbs just before flooding. At 250 lbs, one person load, her freeboard is about 7″. The overall shape is conserved beautifully. Both length and beam are 3/4 of the original Philip Bolger 9’9″ x 4’2″ […]