Pogo is a small shallow draft paddle boat that is powered by a 3hp lawnmower engine. It’s supposed to be designed and built by a 15-year-old but the technique used is not for everybody to accomplish. Go to the free boat plans»


Mary is a two-person paddle-powered duck that can be built as a beginner. I’m from the Netherlands and I know that in Rotterdam, there is an amusement park where they have paddle-powered swans. Maybe they were inspired by the Marty Mallard design. Who knows?!   Go to the free boat plans»

Pedal Cat

Pedal Cat

The Pedal Cat is a 10′ paddle-wheel-driven catamaran. It’s like a bike on the water but it can also be powered with a small outboard motor. It looks like a fun build and especially kids will enjoy playing with it. Go to the free boat plans»

Pontoon boat

Pontoon boat

This is a plywood stitch & glue pontoon boat that is very stable and easy to build. Known for their great stability, pontoons boats are perfect for cruising calm waters, casual recreation, swim platform, fishing platform, and more. Length: 12′ (3.7 m) Beam: 72″ (1.8 m) Height: 20″ (51 cm) Est Weight using Meranti: 180 […]

Free hulls design plans

Hulls design

This is a collection of free small designs mainly in the form of “Hulls” files. The designs are immature in the sense that no prototypes have been built. So there is no detailed construction data nor any data on behavior on the water. They, or some of them, will grow more mature with time. If […]

4 ft Halfpea


The smallest dinghy in the world. The length is the same as the beam. Surprisingly it is very stable and you can stand upright in it. It’s just a fun build, but kids would really enjoy it. Go to the free boat plans»


Sled design

“Sled” is not really a traditional boat design. You can compare this with those big inflatable bananas you can tow behind a speedboat. The sled is a bit like that. The designer, Hannu Vartiala, made this for his grandkids (to be) to pull them behind a fast powerboat. Go to the free boat plans»

HV’S Hattory

Admirals hat boat

This is a crazy design that looks like an English admiral’s hat turned upside down. That’s all I can say about this design basically. Go to the free boat plans»

The plywood Coracle

Coracle basket boat

A coracle (sometimes written also as “corracle”) is a small basket boat or a skin boat. A basket boat in the sense, that the frame of the boat is traditionally made by bending and weaving wood saplings together like a basket. Skin boat in the sense, that the basket is made waterproof by stretching animal […]