The PakYak is a 12′ plywood and aluminum frame, nylon canvas skin, kayak. It can be folded into a backpack for easy transport and hiking and she weighs only 22 lbs. The unique thing about the PakYak is that the frame really folds, instead of coming apart in a lot of pieces. Go to the […]

One hand emergency paddle

emergency paddle

Sometimes you can end up in a situation where your sail is torn or your paddle falls overboard or maybe both. In those circumstances, this emergency paddle may come in handy. Go to the free plans (pdf)»



Build your own party boat for the summer.  This is an easy built for party, fishing, and camping. Parti-O is a pontoon boat that can be powered by an outboard up to 18 hp. The construction is made out of plywood and is very easy. You can put it on the trailer to go and […]

Bamboo Windsurfing rig

Bamboo sailing rig

What to do when you do have a surfboard and sail but not a rig to sail with? And you do have some bamboo lying around? Well, in that exceptional circumstance you can use these plans to go and surf anyway. Go to the free plans»



Instructions on how to build your own plywood kiteboard. Making the board and foot straps explained in a way anybody can build it. Questions like “What is proper footstrap spacing and angle?”, “How much volume should my board have?”, “How wide should my board be?” and many more will be answered on this MIT webpage […]

Kayak Paddle from 2×4’s

Kayak paddle

Traditional Inuit kayak paddle. The paddle is 7 to 8 feet overall. The blades are 3.5″ wide at the tips and 2.5″ wide where they meet the handle. The handle portion in the middle is 24-27″ long, 1.2″ wide, and 1.5″ thick. Go to the free paddle plans» Some other plans that are well worth […]


Jumpin Jack

Jump-N-Jack is a boat that can be rowed or powered with an outboard motor and a one-wheel trailer combined. It’s a functional and easy-to-build stable 9′ 7 ” boat. The old plans show some curious building methods but can easily be transformed into nowadays building. Have fun with this build and show me te result […]

Handy Andy

Handy Andy plans

Handy Andy is a 10′ x 42″ so-called “folding boat“. Folding boats were invented for small yachts and transport without a trailer. Because you can “fold” the boat in a small package you can store it on a cruiser, the back of your SUV, your garage or shed, etc. This design is easy to build […]

Some pontoon boat ideas

Pontoon boat

A collection of homemade pontoon boats. Not actually plans but enough information to build your own pontoon boat. Let your creativity flow and build yourself a pontoon boat! Go to the plans» Pontoon 1 Pontoon 2 Pontoon 3 Pontoon 4    

Cardboard and duct tape boat

Cardboard boat

You can make a boat out of almost any material. That is what is shown here. A boat out of cardboard, glue and duct tape. Lots of duct tape! 🙂 Go to the instructions» Or build a cardboard kayak»