Homemade paddles

Different size paddles

Do you need paddles? Are good paddles expensive? Are good-looking paddles even more expensive? Why not build your own? It makes sense to make your DIY kayak complete with DIY paddles, right? Here are plans that are easy to make for a first-time builder. Go to the free plans»

One hand emergency paddle

emergency paddle

Sometimes you can end up in a situation where your sail is torn or your paddle falls overboard or maybe both. In those circumstances, this emergency paddle may come in handy. Go to the free plans (pdf)»



The importance of properly balanced oars to make rowing easy and more fun. Good oars make all of the difference in the world, given a good rowing boat to start with of course. Go to the free plans (pdf)»

7-foot Oars


Plans for beautiful 7-foot oars made out of Western Red Cedar planks. The instructions show exactly which steps to take to make this a good result. This is a nice addition to your wooden boat. Go to the free plans»

Kayak Paddle from 2×4’s

Kayak paddle

Traditional Inuit kayak paddle. The paddle is 7 to 8 feet overall. The blades are 3.5″ wide at the tips and 2.5″ wide where they meet the handle. The handle portion in the middle is 24-27″ long, 1.2″ wide, and 1.5″ thick. Go to the free paddle plans» Some other plans that are well worth […]

Simple Oars

Simple oars

These free oar plans and instructions are offered on the web by Spark Geissler. He has gracefully put them out with permission to distribute. Bateau.com is a great resource for plans and instructions including a few free plans. The forum is a lively and helpful site to get boatbuilding help. Go to the free oars […]

Canoe paddle

Canoe paddle

Straight shaft canoe paddle templates. Print, draw, cut and paddle. Go to the free paddle plans (pdf)»