Basic Jonboat

Jonboat fishingboat

The jonboat is a very populair design. It’s generally an easy build an it’s a stable design. Jonboats are workboats. They can be used for transporting things across the water and for fishing. In some parts of the Netherlands a derivative of the jonboat is used to transport cattle acroos the water from one meadow […]

10 ft Duckboat

Pintail is a 10′ x 40″ lightweight plywood duck boat for rowing on protected waterways. It’s also a fun boat for children to play with because it is very stable. The boat is lightweight so you can carry it on top of your car. These are very old plans but the construction is pretty straightforward. […]

The Ozark Jonboat


The Ozark Jonboat is a boat with quite a bit of history. Some call it a Johnboat, others refer to it as a Jon boat or Jonboat. Either way, it’s the same boat that originated in the Ozarks. I’ve found two pages that, together, give you plans to build your own original Ozark Jon boat. […]

Max Capacity Jonboat

Jonboat drawing

According to the designer Steven Lewis the MaxCapacityJonboat is the most boat he could get out of one sheet of ply. The sides and transoms are of 1x lumber, with the whole sheet of ply for the bottom. The bottom is stitched and the rest is glue and screw. The waterline is at a displacement […]

The Wanigan

Wanigan plans

This utility garvey was designed to fill a need for a simple work scow anyone can build to use in a summer camp. You can haul rocks with her, fish out of her, beach her easily. You can paddle it or use an outboard motor up to 7hp to cover a bigger area. The garvey […]

Easy to build Jonboat

Easy to build jonboat

This is a 12 ft x 5ft plywood fishing boat that can be powered with an outboard up to 6 hp. It is a dependable and sturdy boat that can take a beating. It is very stable even with a crew of 5 adults. Because of the low weight, the car can easily be carried […]