Solar inflatable canoe

Inflatable canoe

Earlier I shared with you some plans for inflatable raft modifications. Here are some other modifications which turn an inflatable canoe into a solar-powered canoe. Go to the mods page»

D.I.Y. Intex Excursion canopy

Intex Excursion with canopy

When on the water it’s always nice if you can find some shade. This d.i.y. canopy for the Intex Excursion inflatable boat is easy to make and fits its purpose. Go to the free instructions (with video)»

Intex Excursion 5 Floor Mod

Excursion 5 floorplan

Step-by-step instructions and plans to make your own Intex Excursion foldable floor plan. If you have an Excursion 5 this is as easy as it gets because there is an actual template you can download and print for the exact measurements. This one is built with OSB but the best way to go is Marine […]

Excursion 5 fishingboat mods

Excursion 5 with mods

When you haven’t got the finances or skills to build a boat, you can start with an inflatable raft and do some mods. For example, take a look at this Excursion 5  with 1/2″ plywood deck and 1/2″ plywood seat boxes. All covered with indoor/outdoor carpet, 50 lb. thrust Minn Kota electric motor, 2700 deep […]

Inflatable raft modifications

Excursion 5 inflatable raft

If you love to go fishing but haven’t got the budget to buy a fishing boat, what do you do? This guy bought a 12′ Excursion 5 inflatable raft and modified it to go fishing. And he did a perfect job making it! Go to the page»