Longtail fishingboat

Plywood longtail

These plans are a cross between Doris the dory and Thai fishing boats. The result is a 19ft 8in by 3ft 3in plywood boat that is able to oar, sail, and be powered by a small electric outboard. The boat has as little draft as possible to be able to move in less than 10 […]



Doris is a 16 ft plywood dory with built-in buoyancy and a slightly wider waterline beam and removable under-thwart sand or gravel ballast in bin-liner style bags. The waterline and ballast combine to make the boat a little steadier on the water, which many people will appreciate. Existing Light Dories are more than capable of […]

Three simple modular boats

Three boat designs

Plans for three simple modular boats that can be nested and easily sored and transported. The nested length is less than 5 feet. The designer includes plans for the 8 ft Guppy, the 8 ft Tadpole, and the 8 ft 6 in Tripod. Each is different but each is built the same way. All use […]



Blackberry is an 11′ 3″ x 4′ Dory skiff designed for taped seam construction. Designed after Jim Michalak’s Sportdory. Sportdory is a wonderful rowing boat, but it is a little too long and heavy to be cartopped easily. It is also a little too tiddly for fishing to be relaxing. This is a pretty straightforward […]

Two Dories


Here are plans for two dories, Little Sister and Big Sister. The Little Sister design is basically just like any 18′ x 4′ (5.5 m x 1.2 m) banks type dory. The Big Sister design is a 19’5″ x 5’6″ (5.9 m x 1.6 m) banks type dory. The plans are well thought out and […]



Two plans in this post for you, guys and girls. 3SD, standing simply for “Three Sheet Dory“.  A 17’8″ (5.4 m) and 17’1” (5.2 m) nicely lined dory. Yes, there are two ways of building this boat. Butted sides and bottom, where pieces are connected with fiberglass tape butt joints. This way of building produces […]

South Haven Dory

South Haven Dory

The South Haven Dory is a one-person rowing boat that is based on lines of the St. Pierre dory, a traditional dory hull shape. The construction method is plywood/epoxy/composite (stitch and glue) with no building mold. It is not an “instant” boat; there are many steps to go through and the result is a strong […]

The Double Paddle Dory

Double Paddle Dory

The Double Paddle Dory is a lightweight, inexpensive, easy-to-build one-person boat that can be carried on top of your car. Using these plans, you can build a boat whether you have boat building experience or not. If you’re boat-oriented and have read a bit about boat building, you probably won’t need any supplemental help. If […]

Herring Skiff

Herring skiff

The Herring Skiff was designed by Ira Einsteen and is a good-looking dory-style skiff. The free plans disappeared from the www but luckily someone made them available again to share and build. Ira Einsteen calls it a dory-skiff himself, and it is very much like a dory in appearance in large part due to the […]