Junior dinghy

Junior dinghy

Junior is an easy row dinghy that can also be powered by a small outboard and even can be sailed. You could use the folding mast & boom to realize this. Because of the lightweight construction, you can transport her on top of your car to go fishing anywhere you want. Junior is an easy-to-build, […]


Skin of frame dinghy

Robin is a small skin-on-frame pram design with a twist; a solid plywood floor. She is a good boat for rowing and a very small outboard might work if the transom is reinforced. All in all a nicely lined lightweight dinghy to have around. Go to the free boat plans»



This is Fritz. Fritz is an easy to built small 8ft dinghy with a weight of  60lbs. It can be used as a tender for a (small) yacht or multi-hull. Fritz can be rowed, sailed, and powered with a small outboard. Go to the free plans»


Decked sailboat

Mii is a beautiful decked sailboat designed by Nils Björkman. The Mii dinghy is intended for a crew of up to 220 lbs. or one or two people. It is just as good to sail alone as two together. Some facts: Length 11’9″, Width 4’7″, Hull weight 108 lb, Total weight 143 lb 4 oz, […]

Three simple modular boats

Three boat designs

Plans for three simple modular boats that can be nested and easily sored and transported. The nested length is less than 5 feet. The designer includes plans for the 8 ft Guppy, the 8 ft Tadpole, and the 8 ft 6 in Tripod. Each is different but each is built the same way. All use […]


Blackfly lapstrake plywood dinghy

The Blackfly is a 14 ft by 4 ft lapstrake plywood dinghy that can be sailed and rowed. The Blackfly was designed by Bruce Taylor using the free software Hull Designer. Blackfly is an open sailboat that is light enough to portage and cartop, and capable of carrying as much cargo as an ordinary tandem […]

9 ft Sharpie

9 ft sharpie

Plans for a 9 ft sharpie that is easy to build and can be rowed and powered with a small outboard. You can also fit it out with a sailing rig. The main object was to make it as simple and the drawings as complete as possible so that anyone who might want to build […]

Elegant 16 ft daysailer

16 ft daysailer

A stunning beauty, that’s what this 16 ft sailing dinghy designed by Radosław Werszkois. A beautiful lined boat and, when done right, a head-turner. This design is for the more experienced builder and more experienced sailor. Go to the free boat plans»

15 ft Sailboat

15 ft sailboat

A fast, easy to plane two-person sailing dinghy for the experienced and fit sailor. This design by Radosław Werszko takes your sailing skills to a whole new level. Go to the free boat plans»

12.5 ft Dinghy

12 ft sailing dinghy

A sailing dinghy designed for a father/mother and son/daughter crew. But it can easily be handled by one person. You can sail under a spinnaker which is pretty cool. With a beam of 5′ 3″ it is very stable. On the website, you can find many links to builders’ pictures to see the end result […]