Solo and duo canoes

Free plywood canoe plans

Here are plans for a solo (11′ 9″) and a duo (15′ 1″) canoe. They weigh 44 and 66 lbs so they can easily be cartopped. Two for the price of one, you could say. Only these plans are for free. 🙂 Go to the free boat plans»      

EZ Canoe

Nested EZ canoe

EZ CANOE is an 11 ft canoe-like boat that paddles easily and nests to only 4′ x 27″ x 16″ high. EZ canoe fits in most cars. The EZ canoe is a three-piece boat that can be nested for easy transport. The designer, Ken Simpson, came up with the idea when he saw many people […]

Easy B

Cedar Strip Canoe

The Easy B plans contain plans for a 12′ and a 14′ cedar strip canoe. Easy B is a beautifully lined canoe that is fairly easy to build. You do need some DIY experience though. Go to the free canoe plans»

Cinderella canoe

Cinderella canoe

Cinderella is a 12ft by 30in flat-bottomed, round-sided, elegant but easy to build canoe intended for stitch and glue construction using 3/8in marine ply epoxy and tape on the inside and either epoxy and tape or glass cloth on the outside designed by Gavin Atkin. A well-known name in the boatbuilding community. He also wrote a […]

16 ft Redwood Canoe

Redwood canoe

This 16 ft canoe is formed using plywood templates using 1/4″ x 1/4″ redwood strips glued edge to edge. When the whole process is done you remove the templates and there’s your canoe. Finish it with fiberglass and insert the seats and you’re good to go! The process isn’t for a first-time boatbuilder but it […]



This is a sailing canoe made with the free tool FREE!ship that you can download here. The designer gives you offsets you can enter into the software. This way you can make it completely to your needs. The length of this canoe is 16 ft with a 2.5 ft beam. The designer offers help with […]

Wackless Lassie

Wackless Lassie canoe

A bit like Wackie Lassie but slightly different. This 10′ canoe uses one and a half sheets of 1/4″ ply.  The boat is 30″ wide at the sheer and 24″ at the chine. Go to the free boat plans»

Touring Canoe

Touring Canoe

Detailed canoe plans of an 18′ x 35″ (5.5 m x .9 m) touring canoe. A nice and simple touring canoe that will build quickly for a minimal cost. Go to the free boat plans»

Sculling trainer

Sculling trainer

This sculling trainer was designed with the following criteria in mind: light sculling for one person reasonable stability – not too narrow positive buoyancy as long as possible/feasible easy to build quick to build cheap to build (=readily available materials, common tools) car toppable The boat is 482 cm (15’10”) long, with a 66 cm […]

Dug canoe

Dug Canoe

This design is an 18′ one-sheet canoe called “The Dug”. The prospect of building a one-sheet kayak, as presented in the original Prism section, has aroused some interest. This design is an attempt to overcome the balancing difficulties inherent in the original “maximum volume” design. The design has been modified, using the righting moment calculator […]