Kavalier 800

Kavalier 800

Kavalier 800 is another design by Albert Nazarov & Maxim Kovalyov from Thailand-based Albatross Marine design. They are also the designers of the smaller Pilgrim 590. Kavalier 800 is a 26 ft 3 in cabin sailor for the advanced builder. Go to the free boat plans (zip file)»

Pilgrim 590

Pilgrim 590

Pilgrim is a 19ft 4in cabin sailor designed by Albert Nazarov. He is a designer and founder of Albatross Marine design in Thailand. The designs they make are for professional boatbuilders. Although Albert Nazarov and his colleague Maxim Kovalyov made in the end 1990’s some designs that are freely available on the internet. One of […]


Coastal cruiser Egoist

Egoist is a multichine plywood coastal cruiser, meant to be built in 8 mm + glass fiber + epoxy. This 18 ft long and 7 ft 10 in wide sailboat was thought, calculated, and conceived for easy coastal sailing. Her name suggests being single-handed and she’s comfortable for two. To receive these plans you have […]

15′ 3″ Sailboat

Cabin sailor

This is Slipper, a 15’3″ V hull cabin sailor. I like this design with the deep cockpit and aft cabin. The hull sides are just two pieces of 4 X 8 plywood ripped to 3’ wide, then butt joined. I could not find any pictures of the finished build, so maybe you’ll be the first […]

Scow cruiser

Scow cruiser

This 420 Scow Cruiser is a 14-foot simple camper sailboat for two, designed for protected or inland waters. A very simple boat to build with basic tools and material, all plywood parts have the same thickness. There are imperial and metric plans available. Go to the free boat plans»

Sea Babe

Outbort sports cruiser

Sea Babe is a 15 ft by 6 ft 4 in plywood sports cruiser. She sleeps two overnight and seats four. She can be powered by an outboard engine of up to 25 hp. Because of the size and low weight, Sea Babe can be transported on a two-wheel trailer. This sports cruiser can be […]

Sea Angler

19 foot cabin cruiser

The nice thing about those old boat plans is that you can build your own classic cruiser like it’s an 1920’s build. This Sea Angler is a 20 ft by 8 ft deep V hull plywood cruiser that can be powered by an in- or outboard engine up to 150 hp. Go to the free […]

Nancy Jane

Inboard runabout

Nancy Jane is a 19 ft runabout that should be powered by a 15 to 100 hp inboard engine. It’s an all-purpose sea-worthy boat for utility, fishing, and pleasure cruising. Go to the free boat plans»


Outboard cruiser

HA’Penny is an 18′ by 5′ 7″ V bottom cruiser that can be powered by an outboard engine up to 33 hp. The building process isn’t that difficult but it’s best to have some boatbuilding experience. These are old plans but the boat has nice lines and should be a head-turner on the local lake. […]


Polliwog cabin cruiser

Polliwog is an 18ft by 6ft 5in sloop sailboat. A nice boat to go on an adventure with. The plans are old and newer methods may be easier, but construction is not too difficult. After a little study and thought, the general method of procedure will become apparent. It is well worth building this boat because […]