Epoxy stitch & glue

Canoe stitch & glue

Epoxy is an effective material that is proven in boats ranging from dinghies to ultralight ocean racers and huge motor yachts. It’s more expensive and more difficult to work with than polyurethane glue since you must carefully measure and mix two components (resin and hardener) before using it. Once you’ve mixed the two you have […]

Are Svensons free boat plans worth building?


When you are looking for (free) boat plans you must have stumbled across Svensons free boat plans site at least once. What is the Svensons free boat plans site? On this site, you will find old boat plans from the magazine Science and Mechanics and the Boat Builder Handbook. Science and Mechanics was a magazine, […]

What is best free boat plan for a first time build?

Cheap Canoe Wackie Lassie canoe Summerbreeze skiff Daydream sharpie Portuguese style dinghy The Mouse Puddle Duck racer sailboat   When I was looking for plans for my first build I was young, inexperienced, and nearly broke. So the plans I was looking at were free boat plans that were easy and inexpensive to build. But […]