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Glider rowing catamaran

Glider is a 12-foot plywood catamaran just for rowing. It has a sliding seat and some nice long oars and lightweight construction. She is built with 1/8-inch luan plywood with stringers and frames, and 1/4-inch luan plywood for the bottom and the seat. It is a very stable and fun build and can be used […]

Drifter 16

Drifter 16 cartopped

I already linked you to the Drifter 12, the Drifter 12L, and the Drifter 14. This is the biggest of them all, the Drifter 16. This trimaran is a great boat for exploring protected rivers and bays, or for camp cruising for one person, with plenty of storage for gear. It is easy to build […]

Drifter 14

Drifter 14

The Drifter 14 trimaran is a bigger version of the Drifter 12 and Drifter 12L. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble, and can be car topped, or carried on a small trailer. It is very stable and easy to sail, tacks well, and is quite fast. Great for kids, or anyone to learn how […]

Drifter 12L

Drifter 12L

The Drifter 12 L is a higher performance version of the Drifter 12, with longer amas, and a taller mast. Just like the Drifter 12 it can be paddled or sailed with a simple rig using a windsurfing mast. The sail rolls up and can be reefed to any size in seconds. The boat is steered […]

Drifter 12


The Drifter 12 is a small plywood trimaran that can be paddled or sailed and is perfect for exploring rivers, bays, and lakes. The rig is simple, using a windsurfing mast. The sail rolls up and can be reefed to any size in seconds. The boat is steered with rudder pedals, so your hands are […]


12ft 5in kayak

Tattoo is another design by Jordan Stavrev of Yakayak.net She is a 12ft 5in very maneuverable seaworthy kayak. No special tools are required for the build and most items can be bought easily and cheaply. Go to the free boat plans»

Sea Horse kayak

Kayak plans

Plans for a kayak designed by Jordan Stavrev with enough storage in the front and a big flat rear deck. The computer-generated images show how the end result should be. You can leave a donation for the designer on his site. Go to the free boat plans»

Sea Babe

Outbort sports cruiser

Sea Babe is a 15 ft by 6 ft 4 in plywood sports cruiser. She sleeps two overnight and seats four. She can be powered by an outboard engine of up to 25 hp. Because of the size and low weight, Sea Babe can be transported on a two-wheel trailer. This sports cruiser can be […]



Doris is a 16 ft plywood dory with built-in buoyancy and a slightly wider waterline beam and removable under-thwart sand or gravel ballast in bin-liner style bags. The waterline and ballast combine to make the boat a little steadier on the water, which many people will appreciate. Existing Light Dories are more than capable of […]


Blackfly lapstrake plywood dinghy

The Blackfly is a 14 ft by 4 ft lapstrake plywood dinghy that can be sailed and rowed. The Blackfly was designed by Bruce Taylor using the free software Hull Designer. Blackfly is an open sailboat that is light enough to portage and cartop, and capable of carrying as much cargo as an ordinary tandem […]