Tanto sailing dinghy

Tanto is a 12ft 11in plywood sailing dinghy. A 4ft 3in daggerboard makes sure that the performance will be good under difficult wind circumstances. The dinghy looks good with the beautiful deck and a chine that disappears on the back of the hull. With the big sail, it is a real performer. The plans are […]

Solo and duo canoes

Free plywood canoe plans

Here are plans for a solo (11′ 9″) and a duo (15′ 1″) canoe. They weigh 44 and 66 lbs so they can easily be cartopped. Two for the price of one, you could say. Only these plans are for free. 🙂 Go to the free boat plans»      

16 ft sailing dinghy

16 ft dinghy

The 16 ft sailing dinghy is slightly bigger, a bit faster, perhaps more elegant than the 15ft sailing dinghy Go to the free boat plans»

15 ft sailing dinghy

15 ft sailing dinghy

This 15ft x 5ft 10in sailing dinghy is a two-person sailing boat. Fast, efficient upwind, easily planing. However, you do not need racing skills or special fitness to sail her away. Go to the free boat plans»

Rapid Robert

Drift boat

Rapid Robert is a type known as a McKenzie River Boat, designed for those wild rivers with fast, rough currents. It is a raked, smooth-bottomed, sturdy rowboat. In fact, you are safer in rapids with Rapid Robert than you are with a canoe. This boat also performs satisfactorily as an ordinary rowboat, and, for cruising […]


Qivitoq Inuit kayak

The Qivitoq is a 17’6″ x 24″ Inuit-style sea kayak and is based on native design. She is shaped out of 1/4″ lauan plywood. Go to the free boat plans»



A 17′ x 22.5″ stitch & tape kayak. This project does NOT include plans for the deck, for internal bracing, or for construction details. These plans are for the HULL only. The rest is up to individual builders, who should be familiar with stitch-and-tape techniques, bracing, hatch design, etc. Go to the free boat plans»


Skippy sailing dinghy

Skippy is a 12′ 5″ by 3′ 5″ dinghy that can be rowed and sailed. The construction is simple and suitable for beginners. The plans are easy to follow with detailed information on how to build a small plywood sailing dinghy yourself. You can use the folding mast & boom with a polytarp sail. Go […]

15′ 3″ Sailboat

Cabin sailor

This is Slipper, a 15’3″ V hull cabin sailor. I like this design with the deep cockpit and aft cabin. The hull sides are just two pieces of 4 X 8 plywood ripped to 3’ wide, then butt joined. I could not find any pictures of the finished build, so maybe you’ll be the first […]

Scow cruiser

Scow cruiser

This 420 Scow Cruiser is a 14-foot simple camper sailboat for two, designed for protected or inland waters. A very simple boat to build with basic tools and material, all plywood parts have the same thickness. There are imperial and metric plans available. Go to the free boat plans»