Float a Home


Float-A-Home is a 21 ft easy-to-build plywood houseboat that is very stable. It can easily accommodate 3 to 4 persons. Go to the free boat plans»

Bayou Belle


The Bayou Belle is a 25’8″ by 7′ 11″ plywood scow houseboat with a roomy interior. You can also build this boat as a fishing boat or a sport utility boat for waterskiing. Because of the beam under 8′, the boat can be trailered without a special permit. Go to the free boat plans (pdf)»

Four fishing boats

Fishing boat drawings

Plans for a 17′, a 20′ 8″, a 24′ 3″ and a 27′ 10″ fishing boat. All can be powered by an outboard up to 10 hp. The two biggest ones can also be powered with an inboard engine. Very detailed plans with comprehensive material specifications and lists, and detailed instructions for construction, both planked […]


Polliwog cabin cruiser

Polliwog is an 18ft by 6ft 5in sloop sailboat. A nice boat to go on an adventure with. The plans are old and newer methods may be easier, but construction is not too difficult. After a little study and thought, the general method of procedure will become apparent. It is well worth building this boat because […]


Pirate cabin sharpie

Pirate is a 17 ft shoal draft cabin sharpie skiff. It is a nice weekend cruiser and you can easily go on a vacation with two persons. Because of the V hull, it is smooth sailin’ with this one. The rig is a gaff head that has enough surface to give this boat some speed. […]


Gaff rigged ketch

Tern is a beautiful 24′ x 6’8″ plank-on-frame Ketch. The construction is lapstrake plywood screwed to yellow cedar frames. Tern was designed for a group of young people to build and then sail or row many miles to freedom. For the experienced builder. I would love to see your results and publish them here on […]

The Ozark Jonboat


The Ozark Jonboat is a boat with quite a bit of history. Some call it a Johnboat, others refer to it as a Jon boat or Jonboat. Either way, it’s the same boat that originated in the Ozarks. I’ve found two pages that, together, give you plans to build your own original Ozark Jon boat. […]



Two plans in this post for you, guys and girls. 3SD, standing simply for “Three Sheet Dory“.  A 17’8″ (5.4 m) and 17’1” (5.2 m) nicely lined dory. Yes, there are two ways of building this boat. Butted sides and bottom, where pieces are connected with fiberglass tape butt joints. This way of building produces […]

Dug canoe

Dug Canoe

This design is an 18′ one-sheet canoe called “The Dug”. The prospect of building a one-sheet kayak, as presented in the original Prism section, has aroused some interest. This design is an attempt to overcome the balancing difficulties inherent in the original “maximum volume” design. The design has been modified, using the righting moment calculator […]



An in-shore cruiser offering minimal camping facilities by Gavin Atkin Free plans for the more experienced boatbuilders among us. This boat is intended as a lightweight pocket cruiser with easily driven lines and a traditionally inspired sail plan. The design is lightweight and small to ensure that the boat can be rowed and trailered on […]