Two plans in this post for you, guys and girls.

3SD, standing simply for “Three Sheet Dory“.  A 17’8″ (5.4 m) and 17’1” (5.2 m) nicely lined dory. Yes, there are two ways of building this boat.

  1. Butted sides and bottom, where pieces are connected with fiberglass tape butt joints. This way of building produces a 17′ 8″ (5.4 m) boat.
  2. Scarphed sides and bottom, where pieces are scarphed together using 3″ (76 mm) scarph joints. As this method of building “wastes” some of the total plywood lengths in the scarphs, the boat produced will be slightly shorter, 17′ 1″ (5.2 m).

There is also a smaller version of this design, called the 2SD. You can find the plans here.

Go to the free boat plans»


If you are interested in sharing your pics of the building process or finished product on this website you can upload them here

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