Sailing During Thunderstorms: What You Need to Know

Thunderstorm over water

When it comes to sailing, sailors prefer to have nice and sunny weather, but occasionally, the weather can turn against them, and they might find themselves sailing in a thunderstorm. But is it safe to sail in a thunderstorm? While sailing during a thunderstorm is generally not very dangerous, it is not the most pleasant […]


Sunapee Cruiser

Sunapee is a sturdy, well-built boat that in three years of active service has more than justified its designer’s ideas for a day cruiser that could be used, if necessary, for comfortable extended cruising. Before building a boat of this type, you should thoroughly acquaint yourself with the general science of boatbuilding. This knowledge can […]

Cordless drill electric outboard motor

Sometimes you just need an outboard engine to propel your skiff, dinghy, canoe, inflatable, or whatever through the water. Outboard engines are expensive though. So how about making your own? Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can make your own electric outboard motor using a cordless drill. All you need are some basic tools, […]