Epoxy stitch & glue

Canoe stitch & glue

Epoxy is an effective material that is proven in boats ranging from dinghies to ultralight ocean racers and huge motor yachts. It’s more expensive and more difficult to work with than polyurethane glue since you must carefully measure and mix two components (resin and hardener) before using it. Once you’ve mixed the two you have […]

Homemade paddles

Different size paddles

Do you need paddles? Are good paddles expensive? Are good-looking paddles even more expensive? Why not build your own? It makes sense to make your DIY kayak complete with DIY paddles, right? Here are plans that are easy to make for a first-time builder. Go to the free plans»


Tanto sailing dinghy

Tanto is a 12ft 11in plywood sailing dinghy. A 4ft 3in daggerboard makes sure that the performance will be good under difficult wind circumstances. The dinghy looks good with the beautiful deck and a chine that disappears on the back of the hull. With the big sail, it is a real performer. The plans are […]


Sailing a klinker plywood dinghy

TiKnot is a beautiful 8ft 4in sailing dinghy. This design is built all over the world and I can understand that because it’s a real beauty.  The plans are very complete and easy to read, with all the dimensions necessary for the construction. The building technique is plywood klinker and it also can be built […]

Are boat plans from the 50’s. 60’s and 70’s still worth building?


On this site, you can also find, next to all the free modern plans,  147 old boat plans from the magazine Science and Mechanics and the Boat Builder Handbook. Science and Mechanics was a magazine, published until 1984 that covered many “how-to” articles. How to build a radio, how to determine gravity, how to get […]

The best free plans for a first build

Cheap Canoe Wackie Lassie canoe Summerbreeze skiff Daydream sharpie Portuguese style dinghy The Mouse Puddle Duck racer sailboat   When I was looking for plans as a first-time boat builder I was young and inexperienced and didn’t have a lot of money. So the plans I was looking at were free boat plans that were […]

Eek A Mouse

Eek A Mouse boat plans

When I hear the name Eek A Mouse I usually think of this guy. But, in this case, Eek A Mouse is the successor of the Flying Mouse. The 53sqft sail will be a lot more effective than the one on the Flying Mouse. You can also check out the Mouse, the Micro Mouse, and […]

Flying Mouse

Flying mouse sailboat

The flying mouse is a design that should be an easy and quick build. The designer has the following to say about it: Flying Mouse is an exercise to develop just about the smallest, cheapest possible sailing boat I can conceive. As a result, it’s not a boat to which you can safely trust your […]