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Dacron sail

Here are plans and instructions to sew your own dacron sail. Most of the time when a sailboat is drawn,

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12ft 5in kayak


Tattoo is another design by Jordan Stavrev of Yakayak.net She is a 12ft 5in very maneuverable seaworthy kayak. No special

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Outbort sports cruiser

Sea Babe

Sea Babe is a 15 ft by 6 ft 4 in plywood sports cruiser. She sleeps two overnight and seats

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19 foot cabin cruiser

Sea Angler

The nice thing about those old boat plans is that you can build your own classic cruiser like it’s an

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Outboard cruiser


HA’Penny is an 18′ by 5′ 7″ V bottom cruiser that can be powered by an outboard engine up to

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