19 ft 8 inch Sharpie

Sharpie sailboat

Here are drawings of a 19’8″ by 4’8″ Sharpie sailboat. It’s an old racing design but is still used today. Due to the excellent sailing characteristics, fleets were created in a short time in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and England. Most Sharpies were built in the pre-war years. The current Sharpies largely stem from those years of construction.

Sharpie raceToday there are still Sharpie fleets outside the Netherlands in Germany, England, and Portugal. Each year alternately, these countries compete for the European Championship.
In the Netherlands, there are still about 80 Sharpies, of which 50 have a certificate of measurement and meet regularly during the competitions.
The interests of the Sharpie are represented by the Dutch Sharpieclub in which practically all Sharpie owners are members.

The plans are from a Dutch website so for most of you, Google translate will be your best friend.

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