14 ft sailing skiff

14 ft sailing skiff
This beautiful lined 14 ft skiff can be built using the lapstrake planking technique.

Lapstrake planking is the classic technique of pre-finishing the ribs, which are fixed to a “building frame” and then wrapping the resulting hull in plywood and the whole with fiberglass. The ship is lying on its back.
     Building process 14 ft skiff
It is particularly important that the ribs and the entire frame not only be precise and symmetrical, but also conform to the shape of the hull in all respects when erected on the scaffolding. 
So not only the ribs need to be millimeter accurate, but also the future scaffolding.
There are basically eight ribs in this ship, and they are numbered from back to front as usual. There is also a tail mirror (we can call it rib 0) and a nasal capital. So the planking will have to be built on a total of ten internal parts.
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