Free Plywood Boat Plans

The biggest collection of free plywood boat plans online. 

All the free boat plans I could find on the internet, and more, gathered in one place. Some plans you might know, others will be completely new.
You can find free plans for plywood skiffs, dinghies, canoes, jonboats, pirogues, dories, modified inflatable boats, and many more.
I also have free plans for oars, paddles, sailing rigs, and other maritime items.
In my blog, I write about boatbuilding, (free) plywood boat plans, tools, materials, books about boats, and basically about having fun on the water.
There is a seperate section for free pdf plywood boatplans from Science & Mechanic Magazine and the Boatbuilders Handbook.
If you’re interested you can find all this sites free boat plans collected on this page here.

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