Looking for boat plans from Science & Mechanic Magazine and the Boatbuilders Handbook?

Free Plywood Boat Plans

The biggest collection of free plywood boat plans online. 

All the free boat plans I could find on the internet, and more, gathered in one place. Some plans you might know, others will be completely new.
You can find free plans for plywood skiffs, dinghies, canoes, jonboats, pirogues, dories, modified inflatable boats, and many more.
I also have free plans for oars, paddles, sailing rigs, and other maritime items.
In my blog, I write about boatbuilding, (free) plywood boat plans, tools, materials, books about boats, and basically about having fun on the water.
There is a seperate section for free pdf plywood boatplans from Science & Mechanic Magazine and the Boatbuilders Handbook.

About me

For many years I had almost no budget to build a boat so I searched the internet for free plywood boat plans and budget materials. I found out that there are many sites available with free plywood boat plans but most of them are old, have broken links, and missing images.

It’s difficult to find free plywood boat plans that suit your needs when there are so many old and broken websites out there. But, because there are still so many good free boat plans out there I decided to make an accessible website of all the boat plans I could find. Just to make it easier for you to find the free boat plans you need. Nicely categorized for an easy browsing experience. All the links will be up to date.

If you have a website with your own designs and free plans or know of any free boat plans that are not yet on my website please let me know so I can add them to share. 


The latest free boat plan additions

EuroPig pirogue

If you’re looking for a unique and relatively easy boat-building project, the EuroPig pirogue plans by Lew Clayman may be just what you’re looking for.

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Scow Moth

Plans for a Scow Moth Introduction The Scow Moth is a wooden dinghy that builds from a kit of parts. The plans for this boat

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14 ft sailing skiff

14 ft sailing skiff

This beautiful lined 14 ft skiff can be built using the lapstrake planking technique. Lapstrake planking is the classic technique of pre-finishing the ribs, which

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Happy Clam skiff

Happy Clam

Happy Clam is a 17′ x 5′ 6″ Seabright skiff. Among the inherent advantages of this hull form are its shallow draft, great stability, and

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Duck Skiff

Duck hunting is a beloved pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts, and a duck skiff is an essential tool for any serious duck hunter. A duck

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Jonboat fishingboat

Basic Jonboat

The jonboat is a very populair design. It’s generally an easy build an it’s a stable design. Jonboats are workboats. They can be used for

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Different size paddles

Homemade paddles

Do you need paddles? Are good paddles expensive? Are good-looking paddles even more expensive? Why not build your own? It makes sense to make your

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Tanto sailing dinghy


Tanto is a 12ft 11in plywood sailing dinghy. A 4ft 3in daggerboard makes sure that the performance will be good under difficult wind circumstances. The

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Sailing a klinker plywood dinghy


TiKnot is a beautiful 8ft 4in sailing dinghy. This design is built all over the world and I can understand that because it’s a real

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Flying mouse sailboat

Flying Mouse

The flying mouse is a design that should be an easy and quick build. The designer has the following to say about it: Flying Mouse

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Drift boat

Rapid Robert

Rapid Robert is a type known as a McKenzie River Boat, designed for those wild rivers with fast, rough currents. It is a raked, smooth-bottomed,

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My latest blog posts

boat frame

How to build a boat

Boating enthusiasts who want to build their own vessels have several options to choose from, ranging from simple plywood sheet boats to more complex and

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freeboatplans books and dvd

MyBoatPlans Review

I’ve bought MyBoatPlans and this is my honest review of it. I will be covering the pros and cons of this product. MyBoatPlans is a

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Canoe stitch & glue

Epoxy stitch & glue

Epoxy is an effective material that is proven in boats ranging from dinghies to ultralight ocean racers and huge motor yachts. It’s more expensive and

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